Career Education

There are many myths associated with vocational/technical schools. One we constantly hear is that Buckeye students Fritz for STC pageare not college material. Our findings, however, give us a different picture.


Therefore, Buckeye Career Center's Career Development Program provides educational services to all of its K-12 public school districts. Our goal is to help district students learn more about educational and career options through career exploration activities and classroom integration activities. We want the students to make wise choices which are based on current information and statistics. 

We provide the following for all district schools:

  1. The Career Development Coordinator visits all eighth grades and manages a two day seminar at the home school that includes an interest assessment and career exploration activities. All eighth or ninth grade students later visit and tour Buckeye's facilities looking at all of Buckeye's program options.
  2. All district sophomores are eligible to visit Buckeye for hands on activities in career technical labs of their choice. This helps them decide if they want to enroll at Buckeye their junior year.
  3. Any elementary, middle or high school teacher may ask Buckeye for an age-appropriate activity at the home school. They may also ask for an age-appropriate visit to Buckeye in selected programs. Any visit to Buckeye includes the opportunity to eat lunch in our cafeteria.

For more information contact:

Fritz Johnson at: or  call 330.339.2288, ext. 253 or 1.800.227.1665