Career Assessment Services

The Career Assessment Service is designed to help students make important career decisions by performing an assessment which include:

  • Activities to compare academic strengths and weaknesses to career goals
  • Motor dexterity activities to determine fine finger movement and touch discrimination
  • Activities to determine capacity for information recall
  • Visual activities involving color discrimination and three-dimensional assembly
  • Activities which compare personal learning styles and preferred working conditions with the career areas of highest interest to the student

This FREE service is for student's ages 14 - 22 currently enrolled in any of Buckeye Career Center's associate schools.  Transportation to and from the Assessment facilities is arranged by the student's associate school.   Lunch is available at minimum cost to those students that will be at the facility for the day.  While at BCC students must follow the school rules and regulations, including dress, safety and behavior codes.

After the assessment, a Post Assessment Conference is held with the student, parents, home school personnel and the Career Assessment Specialist to review the assessment and make recommendations for career training.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to visit the assessment lab at Buckeye Career Center, contact:

Cindy White, Career Assessment Specialist, at or call 330.339.8822 x 267, or 1.800.227.1665 x 267