Facilities Management & Operation

  • Care for and repair the inside/outside of buildings and maintain the overall appearance of grounds
  • Develop general skills in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electricity, and mechanical repair
  • Utilize professional industry-grade hand and power tools


What can I do when I graduate?
  1. Work as carpenter apprentice
  2. Work as plumbing apprentice
  3. Work as electrical apprentice
  4. Work as maintenance person
  5. Work as a repair person
  6. Work as a roofer apprentice
What would I do in this class?
  1. Learn basic carpentry skills
  2. Learn basic plumbing skills
  3. Learn basic residential electric skills
  4. Small equipment repair
  5. Learn basic roofing
  6. Learn dry wall installation and repair
  7. Learn basic cabinetry and woodworking
What can I do with further training?
  1. Journeyman carpenter
  2. Journeyman plumber
  3. Journeyman electrician
  4. Maintenance supervisor

Program Quick Facts


Uniform requirements

  • N/A

Career/Tech Club Affiliation


  • None at this time.