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  • Spring Break
    Thu. 04/02/15

    Spring break is Thursday, April 2 thru Monday, April 6. Classes resume on Tuesday, April 7.  

  • Career Fair
    Fri. 04/17/15

    BCC Students will have the opportunity to meet with local employers concerning job openings, internships, apprenticeships, and more! 

  • Spring Open House
    Thu. 04/16/15

    6-8 p.m. Spaghetti Dinner for anyone already enrolled OR interested in coming to BCC next fall! 

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  • Friday
    Mar 27 

  • Friday
    Mar 27 

    b.b.q. pork sand
    parsley rice
    glazed carrots



Davis, Jay

Asst. Principal

Brinkman, Julie

Asst. Principal

Furner, Alan

Asst. Principal

Edie, Trent