Buckeye Foundation

To assist Buckeye Career Center students in their chosen career path, the Buckeye Career Center Foundation was established during the 1998-99 school year by a group of local business people from each school district sending students to Buckeye Career Center.

The Buckeye Foundation has three areas of interest:

  1. Provide scholarships for those secondary graduates that wish to advance their opportunities for employment by attending a trade, technical, or a four-year college.
  2. Provide grants to teachers at Buckeye Career Center for teaching aids and methods that will take students' learning to the highest level.
  3. Provide funds for recent needy graduates to purchase tools for a position of employment he/she has recently accepted.

Since 1999, the Buckeye Foundation has awarded a total of 130 scholarships worth $171,000 to Buckeye Career Center students. With 28% of Buckeye seniors pursuing post-secondary education, this assistance is a positive step. The trustees of the Buckeye Foundation hope the public will help us support these worthwhile needs.

buckeye_foundationFoundation Trustees:

  • Linda Earley
  • Jimmy Eichel
  • Jon T. Elsasser
  • Ann Gano McCleary
  • Dan Hershberger
  • Kimberly Hobart
  • Greg Kimble
  • Marty Lindon
  • Rod Rafael
  • Jeff Stocker
  • John Stratton
  • Chris Weaver
  • Keith Willoughby

Those wishing to find out more can contact us at:

Buckeye Career Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 355

New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

e-mail: orion@raex.com