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If you love mechanics and experience replica watches yourself, then you will understand the points mentioned below (fake watches only).
(Of course, there is no perfect thing, but the shortcomings of the replica watch are acceptable in my eyes. The following will be mentioned.)

If it does have a style beyond its function then it is a bad watch, regardless of whether or not it was designed for women. However if it has just been labelled by a catalogue or some other person external to the fake watch designer as 'womens' and it is actually unisex then it is probably a very good replica watch and you should wear it.

Many fashions originate from dismantling gender roles and restrictions and re-articulating them. Fashion itself has always been a thread between sexuality and the obscurity of sexuality.

This said; the notion of masculinity when it comes to consumer objects is up for debate. Shouldn't an object of pure function, like a watch, be naturally unisex?

My friends around are replica watches, so I learned a lot when I was young. We all know that replica watch manufacturing process is very complex, is a fine art, pure hand, grasp the art of craftsmen in the world are a handful of countries in the minority. This is probably the most direct reason most people like a replica watch.

More satisfying is that many brands of replica watches are made of transparent back (the transparent surface of individuals do not like, the surface is too flowers), so wearing a watch can be intuitive sense drops creature who won the magic.

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