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Office Technology

  • Computer skills in the workplace are, now more than ever, in high demand. The Office Technology program offers students the skills necessary to function in today's high-tech office environment. Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint as well as the Internet are featured. Get hands-on accounting experience by completing extensive training manually and by computer with QuickBooks. Along with this training, students will gain knowledge on completion of employer quarterly reports and financial statements. This program improves your communication skills, employability, and you will become skilled at operating various office equipment such as computers, calculators, telephones, faxes, and copiers. A National Registered Bookkeeper's Certification will be gained along with certification of this program.


What can I do when I graduate?
  1. Office clerk
  2. Receptionist and information clerk
  3. Clerical library assistants
  4. Hotel, motel and resort receptionist/reservation clerk
  5. Small to medium business secretary
  6. Accounts payable/accounts relievable clerk
What would I do in this class?
  1. Learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher
  2. Learn QuickBooks fundamentals using current software
  3. Learn bookkeeping accounting essentials - manual and computer software with QuickBooks
  4. Operate office machines, such as photocopiers and scanners, facsimile machines, voice mail systems, and personal computers
  5. Maintain and update filing, inventory, mailing, and database systems, either manually or using a computer
  6. Enhance professional communication, etiquette and business telephone skills
  7. Type, format, proofread, and edit correspondence and other documents
  8. Conduct research, compile data for reports, resume and job searches
What can I do with further training?
  1. Computer operator
  2. Bookkeeping/accounting auditing clerk
  3. Administrative assistant
  4. Secretary to executive of large corporation
  5. Human resource assistant
  6. Office manager

Program Quick Facts


Class Time

  • M, T, W, Th: 7:30 - 3:00

Class Duration

  • September 4, 2012 - May 31, 2013

Total Cost

  • Tuition $5,490
  • Lab Fees 1,225
  • TOTAL $6,715
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