Dental Assisting

  • The Dental Assisting Program prepares students for the clinical procedures and administrative duties necessary to work in a dentist's office. The successful student will become qualified to perform clinical tasks and handle administrative responsibilities under the direction of a dentist. Students will learn clinical skills such as patient preparation, assisting with patient examinations, equipment set up/sterilization, and laboratory testing.


What can I do when I graduate?
  1. Chairside Assistant
  2. Hospital Assistant
  3. Oral Surgical Assistant
  4. Laboratory Assistant
  5. Health Department
  6. Orthodontic Assistant
What would I do in this class?
  1. Patient Preparation
  2. Chairside Assisting
  3. Laboratory Skills
  4. Vital Signs
  5. Radiology
  6. Instrument Prep
  7. Office Procedures/Medical Records
  8. Anatomy & Physiology
What can I do with further training?
  1. DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
  2. DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine)

Program Quick Facts

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Books used in this class which are already included in fees:

ISBN#                                     Title                                                                            Cost

978-0-3232-3992-9                 Modern Dental Assisting                                             $201.51



  • N/A

Class Time

  • T, W, Th: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Class Duration

  • August 29, 2017- May 2018

Total Cost

  • Tuition $4,195
  • Lab Fees 2,000
  • TOTAL $6,195